Saw them dancing in your eyes
Like shadows in the night
Doing pirouettes around the stars
We were running in a haze
I remember every shade
In my veins and they shot up sparks

Atmosphere, 2014

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When you remember something embarrassing/painful from the past and you’re just like



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Everything is permitted. Isn’t that your Motto?”

Feelings and emotions

ARTIST: Tatsuya Kato
ALBUM: Free! Ever Blue Sounds [Disc 2]

(1,153 plays)


" Feelings and emotions " - Free! EVER BLUE SOUNDS

okay first of all i am very sorry for hijacking this post (also because this got really freaking long) but this piece makes my inner music freak feel all sorts of things so i’m just going to write this down uhh these timings are not exact since i had to use the stopwatch on my phone  B UT

» 00:00 — 00:40 this is so powerful. it’s thunderous and the repetition builds up so much tension and gosh, this is rin. this is rin when he’s pushing himself so hard. when his muscles are pulling and he’s kicking and shooting towards that furthest wall of the pool. when his heart is beating in time to the rhythmic bowing of the strings when all he hears is the pounding of the bass and the rush of the world around him

» 00:40 — 01:30 here the music comes to a standstill. it’s calmed suddenly. the action is more horizontal, more drawn out rather than vertical, busy. but if you really listen to it it’s not really calm. it’s seeking and yearning; it’s straining together as a whole, like his entire focus has come down to one point, suddenly. and then the piano comes in, undulating and even, in straight eighth notes, in a sequence. getting higher, heading towards something. beneath that the orchestra surges up yet again; you think it’s heading towards some kind of conclusion but oh god then at 01:20 there’s a sudden shift in key towards a minor chord instead what does that mean. it carries so many meanings — melancholy, regret, introspection. that motion that rin makes at the fence of the elementary school, where he grabs into his shirt right over his heart? that’s the minor chord.

» 01:30 — 01:45 so here the melody comes in high in the piano. guess what else is high up in the piano? cherry blossoms. aka The Rinharu Theme but that’s not the theme yet, although it’s getting there. this is haru searing his way into rin’s mind. into his thoughts. this is haru, as that even, always-present presence, smooth and cool but get this, the melody is still a little unsettled, still striving for something. eventually the orchestra (which we can assume represents rin) comes out of nowhere again. does that remind you of anything? this is rin’s doubts. his own drive, trying to overtake that calming piano.

» 01:45 — 02:07 so here’s another orchestral break that’s all powerful and ~~ RIN ~~~ and it’s just so emotionally ridden. it’s charging towards something and flashy and all-out; you’ve got entire sections of the strings playing in unison. that’s determination. that’s the single-minded urge to get somewhere that’s rin throwing aside all of his doubts and putting his all into something but OH WAIT


in a way reminiscent of ~00:40 so guess what’s coming

» 02:08 you know what this feels like? this is rin charging up a hill and realizing that haru is there for him. this is rin in front of that cherry blossom tree. normally “cherry blossoms” is played in a music box style so it’s all innocent and nostalgic and sparkly. but this time it comes in on the piano and oh hey, the piano definitely represents haruka in this piece. and just listen to how calm and purposeful and steady it is, how much of a contrast this is to the entire previous whole of the track. and on top of that, it’s a piano solo. solo. there is nothing else in the entire world but haru and that tree right now.

» 02:37 is that the sound of strings i hear?? so this is it. this is the orchestra + piano coming together in harmony. this is not about one cutting above the other or trying to overpower the other like before. think about “cherry blossoms” and how light that felt. but this time it’s lush and full and just shimmering. it’s haru holding his hand out to rin and rin taking that hand, at last. both the piano and the orchestra get a turn with the melody. and gosh, do you want nostalgia? listen for the guitar. but think about how the guitar is more of an undercurrent too, something like the past sweetening the future.

okay bye